Our portolio companies are all high tech IT companies, operating in a variety of industries. We help them reach their business goals with capital, experience and knowledge.

Cxense helps hundreds of leading publishers and marketers across the globe transform their raw data into their most valuable resource. Cxense's leading Data Management Platform (DMP) with Intelligent Personalization, give companies unprecedented insight about their individual customers, and enables them to action this insight real-time in all marketing and sales channels. Benefits include increased digital revenue and user loyalty. Cxense works with brands such as Aeon, Wall Street Journal, Grupo Clarin, NBC Universal, Aller and many more. www.cxense.com

CHECKD® Enterprise Saas-platform helps the construction industry save time on exploration, with digital viewing tools. Located with headquarter in Oslo, Norway, CHECKD is going global with their software service.

Redux Enterprise is the complete business platform with tools like CRM, website and eCommerce bundled together in an easy to use modular system that communicates across functionality. Redux Enterprise eliminates the administrative burden and cost of running multiple systems by introducing one platform with seamless workflows.

Diwala is a digital economy platform powered by blockchain that enables refugees to actively build their identity & skills.
Diwala will allow refugees to build their identities by enabling and documenting their skillsets, earning money by trading services and receiving donations. The platform re-envisions the current currency solutions in camps, it removes the need for third parties in aid work and encourages P2P philanthropy and entrepreneurship.

weClean utvikler fremtidens måte å levere renholdstjenester til hjemmet og arbeidsplassen. Vi kobler etterspørsel med service, kvalitet og godt humør. Vi benytter moderne teknologi, gode forsikringsordninger og profesjonell opplæring for å sikre høy kvalitet på vår leveranse.

VIO Media is the new Netflix for qualitative journalism. They offer a mobile focused platform with Nordic and Global magazines on a subscription based business model.

Monetor introduces advanced FX tools previously not available to SMEs at an affordable price. The system monitors clients´ currency exposure in real-time on an invoice-by-invoice basis visualizing actual risk/benefit to businesses. Monetor collates and compares historical transactional information from accounting software, ERP and/or banks, thereby determining bespoke and accurate cost analysis based on the clients’ actual transactional costs and spreads.

Pangea Funds is one-stop crowd investment platform that makes it easy to invest in startups in Africa. Pangea Funds will re-allocate remittances from Africans abroad to invest in carefully selected, high impact start-ups in emerging African markets. They will provide investor training, startup acceleration and services that allows investors to safely invest and exit investment.

Funde.no sets out to become the number one provider of crowdfunding services in Norway. While many crowd funding platforms suffer from poor success rates on their campaigns, Funde.no has developed a proven model with unprecedented success rates. Funde is soon introducing tools and AI to help entrepreneurs succed with their campaigns.

RollerSafe is invented in Norway, designed to meet the rough and steep conditions roller skiers face in the Norwegian landscape. Originally, the idea back in 1999 was to improve brakes for roller skates. However, the lack of functional and efficient brakes for roller skis made this an evident gap to fill. Roller skiing is an increasingly popular exercise around the world, both among kids, younger athletes and less-experienced users. RollerSafe aims to improve safety and expand areas of use by introducing a technology truly different from anything in the market today.

Investment Properties in Spain, Costa Blanca North. Rental apartments for tourists, seniors and expats. Short-term, long-term and holiday rentals are all part of the rental plans. We´re bying mid-priced apartments on great locations, minor improvments needed but high rental potential.


8a Climbing. The worlds largest community for climbers. A global platform for sharing and keeping score on your performances. Share your climbs, pictures and stories with friends all over the world.

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